Free GUI application for GoAgent. Support for MAC and Linux.

Start & Stop proxy.py by pressing a button.

Are you boring for cd to the goagent directory?

Now you can control goagent by GUI application.

No terminal window any more!

There is only ONE little window when it running.

Auto minisize itself

Are you so lazy to minisize window by yourself?

OK! We do it for you. You can get it by only one click in GoAgentUI.

Other features

GoAgentUI can run proxy.py automatically.

GoAgentUI can display the infomation print by goagent.

More features are coming

GoAgentUI is a free and open-source software. We are very pleased to see that our software can help you make your life better.

MAC Download 0.9.2

Requires OS X 10.7+

Linux Download 0.9.1

Requires Common Linux Desktop

Windows Download 0.9.0

Coming Soon...

Change Log


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Technical issues are also welcomed to be submitted on GitHub.

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